Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get Bikini Body Ready For Summer // My Fitness & Diet Routine

                                                                    Hey Guys,

So after posting a bikini picture on my instagram/Snapchat (makeupbysaz) last week, It got an amazing response so in today's video I talk about my diet and fitness routine as requested and a few other beauty tricks along the way :)

Check out the video HERE

I do love a good ol smoothie and one of my favs is mixed berries, with a banana orange juice and water. Here's a picture I found super helpful when choosing what ingredients to use.

Hope you enjoy
Love Always


Shannon Boyce said...

Thank you for posting this! I just loved your video. You did an amazing job.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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Selene said...

I like your suit :)

john patinson said...

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rebecca said...

You look is amazing!

Diana said...

You are very beatiful!