Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Friday's: Fashion Haul with a twist

Hey Guys,
It's Friday Wahoo!! 
Due to be sick with the flu the last 2 weeks I havent been uploading my Fashion Fridays :( so Im soooo happy to get back into it.
 Todays FF video is a Fashion haul but with a twist.
I talk about the latest trends seen on the runway.

The first trend I talk about is black and gold.
worn by dolce and gabbana, gucci and michael kors to name a few.
I really love this trend I think its so striking and you could totally take this look off yourself but just wearing a LBD and gold accessories which I'm sure you have laying around or how about a black skirt tucked into a gold jumper/blouse sexy and classy.
 My favourite look by far is the maxi dress and fur leather jacket and the very last picture below the pencil skirt and gold jumper STUNNING!!!!

The 2nd trend I talk about the berry trend. This is only on my favourite trends this fall/winter.
I love all the plum, pink,purple, burgundy, red and volet colours

The 3rd trend I talk about is the gothic trend
crosses, crucifix black, dark colours eg berry, gold, lace,leather, long-line silhouettes 
goth is a huge trend this season of course it's always more dramatic on the runway but you can make this look your own by adding small details eg lace, cross chains and patterned tights.

and lasty the leather trend leather jackets, leather gloves, leather boots leather skirts leather leather leather. Leather is everywhere you really cant avoid it. Again make this look your own by adding small details.
A leather jackets over a dress will instantly make you look more edgy. tuck lace tops or blouses into leather skirts or trousers. 

A few other trends on the runway this season is the peplum, lace and military styles

I hope you like this post and thank you for reading mwah love you guys xxx

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Little Rus said...

You've done a great job with the trend report!

If you have a second, I would like to invite you to take part in a giveaway I am hosting on my blog - feel free to take part if you like the prize! :)