Thursday, April 12, 2012

Body Shapes: The Triangle/pear

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Ok so if you watch my youtube videos you will know Im doing a series on body shapes

The first shape Im going to talk about is the Triangle shape also known as the pear.

You are a pear if you have wide hips and narrow shoulders and carry most of your weight on your lower half.
You can have big busts but once you have narrow shoulders you can still be a pear if your bust and hip width is the same and your tummy curves in then you have a hourglass shape and you can be thin and still carry most of your weight on your lower half this still makes you a pear. but remember these are just guides no two body shapes are the same!!!!!!!!.

Celebs like Beyonce, Jennifier love hewitt and Shakira are all pears!

Check out my video for more tips and advice for your shape.......

Here are some outfit ideas from the gorgeous pears themselves :)

Beyonce's shoulder pads enlongate her and make her look that bit taller!

Here Jennifier used a light coloured pencil dress to really enhance her curves and she looks Amazing!!
If you watch Ghost whisperer you will get some fab fashion tips from Melinda. They styled Jennifier really well in that show.

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This is a really amazing post! Super helpful!

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Diary of a Short Girl said...

Great post!!

Diary of a Short Girl

GuNs said...

Hi Sarah,

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