Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fafinettex3 nyc inspired makeup

Hey everyone
As you all know im a huge fan of fafinettex3 aka aubrey from youtube ive been a huge fan of hers for 2years now and she inspired me to start my blog so today im going to re-create her most recent look at the nyc meet up in sephora :) fafinettex3's youtube

oh and i wanna say a huge thank you to Audrey (Check her out) who mentioned me in her last post 'Blogs i love'!
Heres what she said:
Sarah's blog ♥
I was just completely bowled over ever since I saw her re-create Kim Kardashian's style!
Sarah takes celebrity fashion looks, (e.g her michael jackson inspired one was amaziingg!) and
does an OOTD telling you how to do it for much less, highstreet!
A blogging Gok Wan, I think! Not only that, she is also great at makeup!

Heres the link: http://abeautyaddictsbible.blogspot.com/2010/09/blogs-i.html
Thanks Audrey :)

 Thanks so much to all my followers and to everyone who left me a comment
Ye are so supportive and make it all worth while :)

Ok so lets get started :)


  • Urban decays primer potion

  • Macs vanilla eyeshadow

  • Macs texture eyeshadow

  • Macs parfait amour

  • Macs mystery

  • L'oreals black liquid liner

  • Urban decays pencil liner in zero

  • Rimmels lipstick 006 pink blush

First apply texture which is a very light brown to your crease this helps the colours blend better

And then apply vanilla or a white colour on your lid and blended both colours together

 Then apply parfait amour or any purple colour to your crease over texture eyeshadow dont forget to blend

apply mystery or any brown to your outer v

and to your lower lash line to make your lashes look thicker

Then line your water lineline your top lid and apply mascara and your done :)

Aubrey used a pinky purple lipstick but that colour wouldnt suit my skin tone so i used rimmels pink blush instead and used clear lip gloss over it!

                                                        saz xxxxx


jilliandanica said...

you look so pretty! it really makes the color of your eyes pop!

the Honey B said...

awww you look beautiful! your eyes are amazing!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow. You look great

Jennifer :) ~ said...

very nice! i like it

Miss Vendella said...

you look so adorable! the make up is fantastic! :)

btw thank you for following my blog it means a lot! :)

Smiles and kisses



¶ Michelle said...

gorgeous! love the colors put together :)

Aubrey a.k.a Fafinettex3 said...


makeupbysaz said...

Thanks girls your comments mean so much!!!!
oh my god aubrey thanks so much for viewing and commenting on my blog :)you just made my day :) xxxx

AestheticAnonymous said...

Love it! It looks so pretty on you

Diana said...

you look gorgeous-love that lippie!